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Nishada sambara Moore  
Lithosia sambara Moore, 1859[1860], Cat. Lepid. Insects Mus. E. Ind. Co.,2: 304.
Lithosia intacta Walker, 1862, J. Linn. Soc. (Zool.), 6:103.
Lithosia chryseola Snellen, 1879, Tijdschr. Ent., 22: 83.
Nishada flavens Rothschild, 1912, Novit. zool., 19: 216.

Nishada sambara
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Nishada sambara Walker

Diagnosis and taxonomic note.
The sexual dimorphism in this large, pale orange-yellow species is not pronounced (the male has the costa folded over and fringed with hair-scales), and the male abdomen is typical of the genus. There is no structure on the third tergite, and the costal structure of the valve is appressed, apically reflexed and scobinate. The saccular process is large. The aedeagus vesica has two sclerotised plates, one with a few short spines. The female genitalia have only one signum, and the ductus is sclerotised, extending in a funnel-like manner into the bursa.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Philippines, Sangihe.

Habitat preference. This is an infrequent species of lowland forest, though not recorded from heath forest.

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