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Nishada melanistis Swinhoe  
Nishada melanistis Swinhoe, 1902, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 9: 80.

Nishada melanistis (Sulawesi)
(x 1.30)

The facies is unmistakable, particularly the combination of dark brown forewings with a yellow costa, and brown-bordered yellow hindwings.

Taxonomic note. The species is somewhat atypical, and has two further relatives in Sulawesi, an undescribed species and N. aurantiaca Rothschild. The male abdomen has a weak pair of coremata laterally on the second segment. The costal process of the valve is present, short, straight, terminating in a claw-like structure. There is a small cornutus in the aedeagus vesica.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. Bornean material is restricted to two specimens, including the holotype, from G. Kinabalu without altitude data.

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