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Lambula Walker

Type species: melaleuca Walker, Moluccas.

Synonym: Palaexera Meyrick (type species phyllodes Meyrick, Australia).

The species included in this genus by Hampson (1900) are in need of review.

Features of males that appear to be shared by the generic type species (though the abdomen of the unique male of melaleuca is lost) and at least the first two Bornean species are the folding of the male forewing costa on the underside (Fig le), a small tuft of scales associated with the hindwing costal zone and a rather flimsy articulation of the narrow aedeagus with the tegumen. The saccus is bilobed and the aedeagus has a single slender cornutus on the vesica. The female genitalia are more varied, typically with an ovate bursa (longer and narrower in fuliginosa, with small diverticula) containing two signa, umbonate or with acute processes centrally.

Fig 1e: Lambula fuliginosa Walker

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