The Eugoa Walker group of genera
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Cyclosiella Hampson

Type species: dulcicula Swinhoe, Indian Subregion, Bunna, Java (Fig 7a).

Fig 7a: Cyclosiella dulcicula Swinhoe

The venation is similar to that of Eugoa except R1 does not anastomose with Sc on the forewing (Fig 7a). The forewing is also much shorter, more ovate, the markings encircling it or spiralling within it.

The male genitalia are broad particularly where the tegumen meets the vinculum, and the valves are narrow, incurved, apically asymmetrically lobed. The aedeagus is narrow, strongly sclerotised, and held by a prominent juxta.

The female genitalia (dulcicula) have the ductus slightly sclerotised, leading into a narrow and flimsy bursa.

Piepers & Snellen (1904) described the larva of dulcicula in Java. It was found on a bamboo and an unidentified member of the Scrophulariaceae, but was not observed actually to feed on these. It is green, scattered with short, thin black hairs. The pupa is also green, slightly flattened and enveloped in a little spun silk. Emergence was about 8 days after the cocoon was formed.

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