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Eugoa submontana sp. n.

Eugoa submontana (paratype)
(x 1.56)

, 10-11mm. Both forewings and hindwings are grey, the latter paler with a pale yellowish tinge, particularly at the margin. The double discal dot and the course of the fasciae are much as in the previous two species, the postmedial having the characteristic angle at one-third from the dorsum, but the fasciae are much more linear and very fine. There is also some diffuse longitudinal variegation in the grey ground colour. The male antennae are bipectinate as in obliquipuncta and obliqualis van Eecke (Sumatra). The latter has a more variegated forewing, and the fasciae are broader, more diffuse. The male genitalia show some features in common with obliqualis such as presence of a moderate saccus, a transtilla-like structure with two central lobes (larger in submontana) and a setose process from the valve sacculus (again much larger in submontana). The valve apices are incurved in both species, but are narrower in submontana, more pointed and with rugosities exteriorly. The aedeagus vesica lacks the two cornuti seen in obliqualis.

Holotype . SARAWAK: Gunong Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S. Exped. 1977-8 (J.D. Holloway et al.), Site 14, February, Camp 2.5, Mulu, 1000m. 413461, lower montane for., BM arctiid slide 2761.

Paratypes: 1, 3 as holotype; 4, 1 as holotype but Site 15; 1 as holotype but Site 24, April, W. Melinau Gorge, 270m. 430558, FEG 4, limestone forest; 5 as holotype but Site 25, April, G. Api, 900m. 427550, lower montane forest; 1 SABAH: Mt. Kinabalu, Mesilau, 13.ii.1964 (J. Smart) Royal Soc. Exped.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is common in lower montane forests, taken during the Mulu survey in numbers at 1000m on G. Mulu and at 900m on the limestone G. Api. One specimen was taken in lowland forest on the transect of the latter. The only other record is from the lower montane zone of G. Kinabalu.

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