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Eugoa mangle sp. n.

Fig 8: a (habitus) 

Fig 8: c (aedeagus)

Fig 8: b (male genitalia)

10-12mm, 12mm. The facies is somewhat as in alleni, but the forewings are narrower, the fasciae straighter, more even in width. The more basal and posterior of the discal dots is distinctly larger than the more distal and anterior one (they are both small in alleni). The female has a more darkly suffused forewing and a broad greyish border over the distal half of the hindwing. The male genitalia are very similar to those of alleni. but have a distinctive pouch between the valves that has lateral patches of coarse spines. The valve apex is acute rather than shallowly excavate, and the valve costa is broadly expanded centrally. The identity of this species was established after preparation of the colour plates, so it is figured in half-tone.

Holotype .BRUNEI: 1m, 3km WSW of Muara, Kampong Kapok, edge of mangrove forest, i-ii. 1992 (E. W. Classey), BM arctiid slide 5475.

Paratypes: 1 BRUNEI: Hut. Simp. Salirong, 4471. 1440, mangrove, 5-6.iii.1984 (Maj. T.P.G. Helps); 1 as above but S. Selanjak, 4464. 1432, 8-9.iii.1984; 1 as above but Sungei Kibi, 4460. 1426, 7-8.iii. 1984.

Geographical range. Borneo

Habitat preference. All specimens are from areas of mangrove in Brunei.

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