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Notata parva Hampson 
Notata parva Hampson, 1891, Illust, typical Specimens lepid. Heterocera Colln 
Br. Mus., 8: 48.

Notata parva (in USNM)
(x 1.56)

Notata parva (in USNM)
(x 1.56)

Fig.7h: Notata parva Hampson

The elliptical blackish markings on yellow of the underside of the forewing and the upperside of the hindwing are diagnostic for the male. Females lack these but can be distinguished by yellow forewings and whitish hindwings in combination from all except Holocraspedon flava van Eecke (see Holocraspedon flava van Eecke).

Geographical range. India, Sumatra, Java (van Eecke, 1930; in NNM, Leiden), Bali, Sumbawa, Borneo, Philippines.

Habitat preference. Six specimens have been taken from around 600m: four at Poring on G. Kinabalu and two from G. Trus Madi. There is also material in the USNM from 1530m just south of Kundasang on the southern slopes of G. Kinabalu and at 1500m in the Crocker Range 25km north of Tambunan.

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