The Eugoa Walker group of genera
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Notata Hampson

Type species: parva Hampson, Nilgiris.

Synonym: Diptheraspis Meyrick (type species modica T.P. Lucas, Australia).

The venation is as in Holocraspedon Hampson (see Holocraspedon Hampson), but there are diagnostic blackish, elliptical androconial patches on the underside of the forewing and the upperside of the hindwing (Fig 7h). The facies is otherwise pale yellow, though the Australian modica has a straight forewing postmedial the same colour as the androconia.

Fig 7h: Notata parva Hampson

The male genitalia have a rather tapering, basally bulbous, apically digitate uncus and distinctive valves with an angled process extending from the valve costa. There is no saccular process. The aedeagus is very small, basally bulbous, the vesica with no cornuti.

The female genitalia have an elongate ductus bursae leading to a spherical, fully spined bursa and a more membranous appendix bursae as in the next few genera.

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