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Pseudoblabes Zeller

Type species: oophora Zeller, Java.

The male hindwing is bilobed, as in the previous two genera, but with venation reduced and with an androconial patch subapically, anterior to vein Rs (Fig 6h). The forewing venation is also different, with only one independent vein of the radial sector arising from the cell before the main branching system. The creamy-white forewings are almost entirely filled with a kidney-shaped dark brown patch, though something similar is seen in the taxon pseudoblabia Hampson from the Philippines, which also has a bilobed hindwing. It is therefore transferred to this genus (comb. n.) from Scaptesyle Walker, as it lacks the diagnostic features (see Scaptesyle Walker) of the latter.

Fig 6h: Pseudoblabes oophora Zeller

The features of the male abdomen are typical of the generic complex, as are those of the female. The bursa of the latter is almost completely invested with delicate spicules.

The genus contains only the type species and pseudoblabia.

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