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Diduga ciliata sp. n.

Diduga ciliata (holotype)
(x 1.63)

5mm. The size and forewing facies are very similar to that of pectinifer, but the antennae are ciliate. The genitalia are markedly different, having valves of the short, many-processed, asymmetric type: the right costal process is hammer-headed, the saccular one digitate, shallowly angled; the left costal process is curved, tongue-like, and the saccular process is curved, slender. The aedeagus is sharply flexed.

Holotype . Pulo Laut, BORNEO, (Doherty), June [18]91, BM arctiid slide 5097.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is from the same locality as pectinifer.

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