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Diduga dorsolobata sp. n.  

Diduga dorsolobata (holotype)
(x 1.63)

9mm. This is a slightly larger species than trichophora, but has similar facies and male sexual modifications except there is a conspicuous dull dark brown hair pencil along the forewing dorsum, and the hindwing dorsum is produced into a conspicuous lobe and has a dense mass of rufous scales along its edge. The genitalia have the valves elongate, symmetrical, but of even width rather than tapering, with the apex irregularly angled. The aedeagus is straight rather than sinuous, with a large cornutus in the vesica.

Holotype . SABAH: Poring, 1800ft., E. of Mt. Kinabalu, 2023.i.1976 (E.W. Classey), BM arctiid slide 5252.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The specimen is from an area of disturbed lowland forest at about 600m.

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