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Nygmia lali Schintlmeister comb. n.  
Euproctis lali Schintlmeister, 1994: 133.

Nygmia lali

The facies is distinctive, both species having a prominent, diffusely pale-ringed, black discal dot on the forewing, which is otherwise a uniform bone colour, darker and richer in the male.

Taxonomic note. The male genitalia have valves and an aedeagus vesica similar to species in the sequence from exitela to tigris, but the uncus is distinctly broader and hooked.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Three specimens have been taken at 300-350m in the Ulu Temburong, Brunei, and five in the vicinity of the Danum Valley Field Centre, Sabah (150-170m). Most were in primary forest, one in logged forest.

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