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Nygmia corbetti griseaurea ssp. n.  
  Nygmia corbetti
Tams, 1928, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (10), 1: 626.

Nygmia corbetti (paratype of griseaurea)

14-15mm. The facies is very much paler than in typical corbetti, the pale grey of the ground only lightly irrorated with darker scales and some yellowish ones. The fasciae and small marginal spots are evident as ground colour without irroration, and the black discal spot is conspicuous. The genitalia show no differences from those of the holotype of corbetti.

Holotype  BRUNEI: Kampong Kapok, 10m, 20.i. 1996 (T. W. Harman), BM lymantriid slide 2526.

Paratypes: 1 as holotype, but 17.i.1996; 1 BRUNEI: 0m, Sungei Kibi, 4460.1426, mangrove, 7-8.iii.1984 (Maj. T.P.G. Helps).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra; Borneo (ssp. griseaurea).

Habitat preference. All material is from localities where mangrove is extensive.

Biology. The host-plant of the typical race was given as Aleurites montana (Euphorbiaceae) in the original description. Yunus & Ho (1980) added Mallotus in the same family.

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