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Imaus munda Walker
Lymantria munda
Walker, 1855, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 4: 875.
Imaus mundus collenettei
Toxopeus, 1948, Treubia, 19: 451.

Imaus munda

The facies is similar to that of species of Psilochira Toxopeus, discussed next, but the ground colour is diagnostically pale grey and the basal zone of the forewing is more strongly and irregularly punctate.

Geographical range. N. India to Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Only three specimens have been taken in recent surveys, all in Brunei: a male from 300m in Ulu Temburong; a female from 60m in Ulu Belait; a female from 1670m on Bukit Pagon.

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