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Imaus Moore

Type species: munda Walker.

This and the next genus have similar facies, a variation on the Lymantria theme, with the forewing fasciae more diffuse and often narrowly interrupted by pale ground colour along the veins. The discal lunule is also dissected by pale on the veins. The hindwing is slightly angled, but less so than in Dura: in Imaus it has a broad, diffuse border that is also broken by pale along the veins. The two genera differ markedly in abdominal features.

In the male the uncus is very broad, square, sparsely setose. The valves are irregular in shape but undivided, small. The aedeagus is narrow, though expanded slightly basally, particularly dorsally at the junction with the ductus ejaculatorius.

The female has a broad sterigma, a short, narrow ductus and an ovate bursa that lacks a signum.

The genus is monobasic.

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