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Sitvia Walker

Type species: denudata Walker.

Synonym: Kettelia Butler (type species lowii Butler = denudata).

This genus consists of large, broad-winged species like Birnara, but they are more robust, the wings a rather translucent brownish white with slightly darker shading marginally and submarginally, and also in the spaces of the forewing in some specimens. The venation of the forewing is similar to that of
Lymantria, without an areole and with R2 branching off before R5 within Rs. In the hindwing all veins arise independently from the cell.

The male abdomen has tymbals. The uncus consists of an acute triangular apical process arising centrally from a broad semicircular basal part. The valves are twice as long as wide, with a stepped ventral margin that has a row of fine setae; the apex bears an irregular field of coarser ones. The aedeagus is short.

The female genitalia have a broad eighth segment containing a rather unusually structured ostial plate as illustrated. The ductus is very short and the bursa is elongate with a longitudinal, ribbon-like signum consisting of transverse small spines directed laterally from the centre. There is a large appendix bursae, rare in Lymantriidae.

The male genitalia are not unlike those of the Arctornithini, though lacking the valve processes, but the characters of the female do not support this. The brief note on the pupa of the type species (See Sitvia denudata Walker) is consistent with the situation in Arctornithini. Apart from the species below, there are two named taxa in the Philippines.

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