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Parvaroa Gen. n.

Type species: cinerea Holloway

There are a number of small, delicate, round-winged, grey or brown species in Aroa Walker that are misplaced there (See Sundaroa Gen.n.) and share features of facies and male genitalia. Apart from being rounded, the forewing has a broad space between Sc and Rs, with R2 to R4 branching off in the distal third of the distance from the cell to the apex. In the hindwing, both M1 + Rs and M3 + CuA1 are stalked. The forewing facies has a darker discal spot, postmedial and antemedial fasciae irregular in course and, distal to the former and basal to the latter, darker grey patches at the costa and dorsum. The margin has a series of darker grey patches separated by pale grey along the veins. These markings are strong in cinerea, more obscure in other species. The male antennae are particularly strongly bipectinate.

The male abdomen lacks tymbals. The genitalia have a simple, rather digitate uncus, a long saccus, and narrow, digitate, setose valves that appear to be fused ventrally with the rather tricornute juxta that supports the aedeagus somewhat ventrally to the valves. Females have not been located.

Other species referable to the genus are P. shelfordi Collenette comb. n. (Peninsular Malaysia) and P. tisdala Swinhoe comb. n. (Java, Sumatra).

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