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Birnara Butler

Type species: nubila Butler = bicolor Walker.

This monobasic genus is of uncertain affinity. Its facies, as described below, is unusual, and the venation of the forewing has an exceptionally long areole from which R2 and R5 branch off opposite each other near the apex. The cell itself is also long, extending for two-thirds of the wing. The hindwing has Rs and M1 stalked.

The male abdomen has tymbals. The uncus is digitate, downcurved, and the saccus is long, narrow, as are the valves. The latter appear to fuse with a bibbed juxtal structure dorsally. The aedeagus is large, the vesica with a band of numerous large spines opposite a zone of much finer ones.

The female has rather rounded ovipositor lobes. The ductus is long, broad, finely scobinate basally, convolute centrally, and fluted distally, where it narrows sinuously into an asymmetrically pyriform bursa which contains a longitudinal signum three-quarters of its length, consisting of two parallel, irregular, scobinate bands.

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