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Arctornis singaporensis Strand comb. n.
Leucoma singaporensis Strand, 1914, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 10: 310.

Arctornis singaporensis

The wings are an opaque, faintly creamy white, the forewings with a greenish tinge to the veins in the central area. The frons and palps are entirely rufous brown though they grade paler ventrally, and the forefemur and upper part of the foretibia also have extensive areas of this colour. The male genitalia have a narrow, setose, spearhead-like uncus arising from a semicircular base. The valves have an angle at the centre of the costa, and the harpe, somewhat extruded from its saccular pocket in the illustration, expands for one quarter then tapers for three-quarters to a small, bulbous apex: there are conspicuous setae dorsally on the tapering portion and apically.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Specimens have been taken infrequently in recent surveys, but all are from lowland heath and alluvial forests as well as mangrove.

Biology. There are two host records from Peninsular Malaysia: Shorea (Dipterocarpaceae) in unpublished FRIM records; Medinilla (Melastomataceae) for a female reared by H.S. Barlow.

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