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Quadricalcarifera charistera fraseriana Kiriakoff stat. n.  
Stauropus charistera West, 1932, Novit. zool 37: 211.
Quadricalcarifera fraseriana Kiriakoff, 1967: 43; Holloway 1982a. 205.

Quadricalcarifera charistera fraseriana

Quadricalcarifera charistera fraseriana

Quadricalcarifera charistera fraseriana

This is the smallest of the Bornean Quadricalcarifera, with rather obscure forewing markings and suffused, rather blurred bands to the hindwing costa. Many specimens have the forewing stigmata picked out with pale grey and others have the forewings suffused over the basal half or more with dark, bluish grey. The anterior part of the forewing postmedial is acutely sinuous though this fascia is obscured in many specimens.

Taxonomic notes. The genitalia of the holotype males of charistera West and fraseriana Kiriakoff are sufficiently similar, together with their external appearance, for them to be considered conspecific. However, the eighth sternite of charistera is more deeply cleft, more densely spinose, and the valve apices taper more evenly and are less produced, therefore fraseriana is here recognised as a distinct subspecies. The Sumatran Q. bambusicola Kiriakoff may be a synonym of fraseriana (Holloway 1982a).

Geographical range. Mindanao; Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, ?Sumatra.

Habitat preference. Unlike most of its congeners this species is perhaps most abundant in lowland forests of all types in Sarawak and Brunei. In the G. Mulu National Park it was also taken abundantly in lower montane forest at 900 m on the limestone of G. Api.

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