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Parasinga cinerascens Kiriakoff  
Parasinga cinerascens Kiriakoff, 1974: 395.
Parasinga subapicalis Kiriakoff, 1974: 396, syn. n.
Parasinga tuhana Holloway, 1976: 57, fig. 358, syn. n.

Parasinga cinerascens

Parasinga cinerascens

Parasinga cinerascens
(holotype tuhana)

Parasinga cinerascens

The species has grey forewings that vary from almost uniform to fasciated (the holotype of cinerascens and, to some extent, that of tuhana) or with subapical dark markings (the holotype of subapicalis). The hindwing is somewhat darker than in the other species, except for the pale costal zone.

Taxonomic note. Availability of a long series of this species has indicated the extent of its variability which, in the past with limited material available, has led to it being described severally. The characters of the male genitalia, such as valve shape and the spatulate uncus, are relatively constant however.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species has mainly been taken infrequently in a wide range of lowland forest types, such as hill dipterocarp, kerangas, swamp forest and coastal associations. It has also been recorded from lower montane forest on G. Mulu and upper montane forest at 1670 m on Bukit Pagon.

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