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Parasinga insufficiens Gaede comb. n.
Desmeocraera insufficiens
Gaede, 1930: 629.
Quadricalcarifera insufficiens Gaede; Kiriakoff 1968: 124.
Quadricalcarifera pallidicollis Kiriakoff, 1967: 52, syn. n.

Parasinga insufficiens

This species is smaller, its forewings a brighter, less blue green than in lichenina. A specimen from G. Matang, Sarawak, has dark markings similar to those of the next species, which is distinguished by the grey ground colour to the forewings. The male genitalia have the aedeagus relatively very short; the ventral margin of the valve is angled and bears an interior flap.

Taxonomic note. Quadricalcarifera taeniata Kiriakoff (Sumatra) may also be synonymous with insufficiens if a female in the BMNH identified as taeniata has been assigned correctly.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is uncommon. In the Mulu survey three specimens were taken in wet heath forest (kerangas) on river terraces near the Melinau Gorge and one in lower montane forest at 1000 m on G. Mulu. In Brunei the species has been taken in lowland forest at Rampayoh and at 1618 m on Bukit Retak. Specimens in the BMNH are from Samarinda, a lowland locality in Kalimantan, and G. Matang in Sarawak.

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