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Brykia samarinda Kiriakoff comb. n.  
Pseudo turnaca samarinda
Kiriakoff, 1967: 42; 1968: 88.

Brykia samarinda

Brykia samarinda

The species resembles its congener in the diffuse, oblique banding to the forewing and the central submarginal white lunule, but it is smaller and generally rufous brown or greyish brown in colour; the body is relatively more slender.

Taxonomic notes. The facies characters above, similarities in uncus and valve structure (in the latter, the serrate ventral margin of horsfieldi is probably homologous with the ventral, partly detached, curved process in samarinda), and of the abdominal fourth sternite in the male, indicate that the two species are congeneric. Therefore Pseudoturnaca Kiriakoff is here placed as a junior subjective synonym of Brykia Gaede, syn. n., as the two species are the relevant type species.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. Infrequent in various lowland rain forest types but not found yet in kerangas or on limestone. The highest record is from lower montane forest on G. Mulu.

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