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Pseudojana Hampson

Type species: incandescens Walker.

Typically this genus consists of large purplish red species with characteristically straight, transverse darker fasciae on the forewing and a submarginal broken into two oblique dark bars. The hindwing has curved medial and postmedial bands.

The male genitalia have a strikingly quadrifid uncus, a long, entire gnathus, the lateral arms of which are linked to the tegumen by a membrane, and simple valves that usually taper to a point.

Apart from the Himalayan type species and the two described below, the genus sensu stricto includes also P. clemensi Schultze from Mindanao, Philippines, and P. roepkei Nieuwenhuis from Banggai, Sulawesi. P. pallidipennis Hampson, from Burma and the N.E. Himalaya, would appear to be misplaced.

Nothing is known of the early stages.

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