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Beana Walker

Type species: polychroma Walker (= terminigera Walker), Borneo.

Pitacota Moore (type species terminigera Walker, India).

This genus was considered as possibly a basal branch to the Nolinae by Holloway (1998) on the basis of reduction of the first pair of larval prolegs and possession of a lateral pair of setose sclerotisations in the scaphial region. However, the larvae lack verrucae, the adult has ocelli and the pupa has a row of carinae on the abdomen. The hindwing venation is quadrifine, with M3 and CuA1 connate but not stalked.

The build and facies are reminiscent of some of the amphipyrine noctuids. There is strong sexual dimorphism, the male having a uniformly mottled brown forewing apart from a pale apical patch, and the female having a triangular whitish area filling most of the basal half of the wing.

In the male abdomen there are large but narrow and well separated apodemes on the eighth tergite but none on the sternite. In the genitalia the uncus has dorsal and ventral opposed processes that both terminate in a rake-like structure, with a heart-shaped plate in between. There is a prominent pair of angled processes, somewhat foot-shaped, flanking the anal tube. The valves are long, narrow, with a central, asymmetrically bifid process distal to a longitudinal brush of setae on the sacculus of each. The saccular shield is present but small and associated with a narrow anellar ring. The aedeagus vesica is large, multidigitate.

The female has a moderate, narrow, sclerotised ductus bursae that leads into a large, ovate corpus bursae that is very finely scobinate but lacks a signum.

Characters of the larva have already been noted, though Gardner (1947) mentioned additionally an unusual horn-like protrusion to the suranal plate (pygidium); there is a more detailed description of the biology below. The genus consists of the type species, B. umbrina Hampson from the Philippines, and B. inconspicua Bethune-Baker and B. opala Pagenstecher from New Guinea. B. nitida Tams from Thailand may be misplaced, resembling more a species of Zigera Walker.

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