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Xenochroa Felder

Type species: notodontina Felder, Malaysia.

Xenochroa is defined in relation to Calymera in the description of the latter (see above). The male genitalia show fewer specific differences than do those in Calymera. This has led to some confusion in the delimitation of the smaller species with brick red to vinous forewings treated from X. fuscosa Prout to the suite of unknowns on p. 121, and in the sequence from X. diluta Warren to X. mediogrisea Warren starting on p. 125. Any differences that do occur are found in the aedeagus vesica, therefore it is essential that this is everted. The feature of dorsal peaking subapically of the valve apodemes forming the transtilla noted by Holloway (1976: 26; section D3 of Carea) is seen in the species of the sequence X. mathilda Swinhoe to X. annae below.

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