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Chora Walker

Type species: repandens Walker, Borneo.

Synonym: Caread
es Bethune-Baker (type species sanguinea Bethune-Baker, New Guinea).

This genus has facies similar to Carea in the female, but shows strong sexual dimorphism, the male having the postmedial running very much more obliquely from the tornus to basal to the midpoint of the costa. The male also has the dorsal zone of the hindwing with a dense coating of longer scales.

The male abdomen of the type species is typical of the Carea group but is also characterised by interiorly directed combs of hair-setae from the lateral margins of each sternite. The genitalia have the valve rather elongate, the costal process erect, not associated with a marginal lobe. The aedeagus vesica is globular, with a single cornutus.

The female has a narrow, unsclerotised ductus, and a pyriform bursa with a distal, rather irregular and short signum of the golf tee type.

More easterly taxa of the genus have not been dissected, but its definition rests on the sexual dimorphism described in the first paragraph. The type species is the most westerly representative of a moderately diverse Australasian typical genus. Poole (1989) listed the species in Careades, including repandens as a new combination, though he placed Chora as a synonym of Carea. This anomaly was rectified by Kobes (1997), though Poole’s system was followed by Nielsen et al. (1996).

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