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Diehlea ducalis Bryk comb. n.
Carea ducalis Bryk, 1913, Int
. ent. Z., 7: 202.
Carea undicostata Warren, 1916, Novit. zool., 23: 224.
Carea undicostata [Wa
rren] Holloway, 1976: 23.


Diehlea ducalis

Diehlea ducalis

The male has a strongly concave forewing costa, rendering the apex acute and forwardly directed. The moth has a distinct bell-shape at rest. The female resembles tumida, but the forewing marginal zone is not distinctly broader anteriorly, the postmedial being less oblique.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is common in upper montane forest, and ranges from 1050m to 1930m, occurring in greater numbers from 1620m to the upper limit.

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