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Siglophora malickyi Kobes
Siglophora malickyi Kobes, 1997, Heterocera Sumatrana, 11: 44.


Siglophora malickyi

There is some resemblance to haematica, particularly in the hindwings (though the basal yellow area is reduced), but the forewings are darker, denser brown, the yellow restricted to a small basal area, convex distad and a few patches along the costa, notably a strong, almost triangular one at two-thirds.

Taxonomic note. The holotype is female rather than male as noted in the original description. Most material of haematica is male and that of malickyi is mostly female, so the possibility that the taxa are conspecific cannot be excluded.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Two Bornean specimens have been seen, from Samarinda and from dipterocarp forest at Barito Ulu in the lowlands of Kalimantan.

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