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Bertula delosticha Swinhoe comb. rev.
     Bleptina delosticha Swinhoe, 1902, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 17: 552.

Bertula delosticha
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This is a generally darker, more greenish brown species than crucialis with yellower pale fasciae. On the forewing these consist of an oblique, straight antemedial and a similar postmedial. The submarginal is obscure except for a fine pale element at the costa. The reniform is very much smaller. There are no longitudinal components to the pattern. The discal marks on the underside are prominent, black, that on the hindwing double the size of that on the forewing. The male labial palps are upcurved, tapering from a slight bulge at the base of the second segment to the very slender apex of the third, the latter lacking the scale tuft of crucialis.

Taxonomic note. This species was combined with Foveades Bethune-Baker by Poole (1989), but no reason was given as for the previous species.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra, Java.

Habitat preference. There is a long series taken by Waterstradt from G. Kinabalu but it lacks altitude data. Only four specimens have been recorded in recent surveys, three from lowland forest between 30m and 300m, and one was taken at fruit bait in disturbed secondary forest at Lungmanis near Sandakan.

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