The Saroba group of genera
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Olulis Walker

Type species: puncticinctalis Walker, Borneo.

Hamaxia Walker (type species lignulina Walker, Sri Lanka = puncticinctalis) praeocc.; Phachthia Walker (type species lignigeralis Walker = puncticinctalis).

The type species is similar in general appearance to
Parolulis absimilis and P. murudensis (see above), but has obscure and irregular fasciation on the forewing, the most conspicuous feature being an oblique, diffuse, darker band running from the costa at one third through to the centre of the wing. The hindwing has a slightly darker border but is otherwise much more uniform. The labial palps are gently upcurved as in Parolulis. The male antennae are ciliate.

In the male abdomen, structures are generally as in the
Saroba group, but with the costal process of the valve large as illustrated. The female genitalia are much as in Parolulis; the ostium is bilobed to bifid.

The species currently associated with Olulis, such as the four Bornean species in addition to the type species, probably do not form a natural group, and there is therefore a tendency to remove more easily defined groups from the genus, such as Parolulis, and transfer into it species such as sarconia Hampson that are misplaced in related genera. Nielsen et al. (1996) included this and the next genus in the Hypeninae.

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