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Parallelia Hübner

Type species: bistriaris Hübner, U.S.A.

In the strict sense this genus is monobasic, restricted to the N. American type species, but the name has been applied much more widely in the past, as reviewed by Holloway & Miller (2003). Holloway & Miller, when searching for better generic placements for the species in this old concept of
Parallelia, were unable to find suitable genera for a small residue and suggested that these should be retained for the time being in “Parallelia”. There are three such in the Bornean fauna, as describe below. The characteristics of Parallelia sensu stricto are described by Holloway & Miller (2003). Fibiger (2003) listed some of the genera recognised by Holloway & Miller as distinct, though he placed Macaldenia and Pindara Moore as synonyms of Dysgonia Hübner. In the accompanying main text all such genera were placed as synonyms of Dysgonia. For reasons given by Holloway & Miller (2003), this broad concept of Dysgonia is not followed here.

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