Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Cataloxia Hampson

Type species: diagrapta Hampson.

This is a monobasic genus. The species is small, both fore- and hindwings fasciated in varying shades of pale to dark brown. The hindwing fasciae are straight, roughly parallel to the distal margin. Those of forewing are oblique, and also run straight from the dorsum to the line of the stigmata, where they veer irregularly towards the costa. The reniform is a pale dot, and the orbicular is also paler but more obscure, squarish.

Males have not been located.

The female genitalia in the Singapore specimen dissected were damaged, the ductus and bursa probably destroyed by mould. The ovipositor lobes are rather rectangular, and the eighth segment is deep, a complete ring. The membrane between these two parts is also deep and slightly sclerotised.

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