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Papuacola Hampson

Type species: lignicolor Hampson, New Guinea.

Leptotroga Hampson (type species costalis Moore) syn. n.

The two genera brought into synonymy share the features of facies and male genitalia described below. Papuacola has page priority in the same publication. The type species of both occur in Borneo.

The species are robust with deep wings, the forewing with a rounded angle central to the distal margin. The facies is a ligneous fawn or brown, usually with finely paler submarginals parallel to the margin or, on the forewing, sometimes with a central angle also. On the costa is a pale-bordered, dark brown triangular or trapezoidal mark between the postmedial or submarginal similar to that seen in the Parallelia Hübner group of the Ophiusini, in Mecodina Guenée and allies, in Dordura Moore and in the Mocrendes Nye group of Platyja Hübner (see also p. 14).

In the male abdomen, the eighth sternite has a narrow transverse band of sclerotisation basally that gives rise on each side to lateral bands of sclerotisation that broaden distally to enclose a central triangular (
gemina Fabricius) or circular (the type species) lacuna. The tergite has thicker sclerotisation that forms a broad H-shape. The male genitalia show strong bilateral asymmetry in lateral lobes to the tegumen and the distal processes, usually reflexed, of the valves. The juxta consists of a pair of irregular, sclerotised bands in the diaphragma. These may be homologous with the X-shaped structure seen in the Ophiusini and other groups. The aedeagus is sinuous, narrow, with a distinctly subbasal insertion of the ductus ejaculatorius.

The female genitalia have a complex sterigma with an antevaginal plate similar to that seen in the
Parallelia group, but the ductus bursae is not sclerotised or folded as in that group, and the sterigma extends back into the eighth segment. All three included species occur in Borneo. The biology of one is known (see below).

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