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Sarobacala Gen. n.

Type species: albopunctata Semper comb. n..

Dissection of male and female genitalia indicates that
albopunctata and the related S. niphomacula Lower (Queensland, Kei, New Guinea, Bismarcks) comb. n., stat. rev., are misplaced in their current combination (Poole, 1989) with Saroba Walker and allies (pp. 337-342) and have closer affinities to the core catocalines. Both taxa were originally described in Capnodes Guenée, now treated as a synonym of the diverse New World genus Antiblemma Hübner (Poole, 1989). The male eighth segment is unmodified, the sclerites lacking even short apodemes. The female has the ostium set well anterior within the seventh segment and covered by an extension posteriorly from the sternite that is produced into spines at each corner in the type species; in the Saroba group it is within, and closely associated with the eighth segment. The male genitalia are robust, the valves simple, showing bilateral asymmetry in both species, being apically bifid in niphomacula and undivided in the type species. The juxta is a broad, rhomboidal, slightly ridged plate between the valve bases, the only feature resembling Saroba.

The facies is distinctive, consisting of white spots on dark brownish grey, the former forming discal marks and a series of fasciae: antemedial, postmedial, submarginal and marginal. The antemedial is absent from the hindwing. The submarginal is less distinct, the spots lacking the slightly darker surround seen in other fasciae. The postmedials are strongly curved, that of the forewing with an angle subdorsally. The male antennae are narrowly fasciculate, and the legs are strongly fringed with scales ventrally except on the tarsi. The labial palps approximate to the catocaline type.

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