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Cryptastria Hampson

Type species: fuscomarginata Bethune-Baker, New Guinea.

The genus contains one species that has a similar build to that of
Papuacola Hampson but is larger with more irregular, rounded and scalloped wing margins. The facies of the wings is irregular, cryptic, with a large reniform set within an angle of the postmedial on the forewing; see also the species diagnosis below. The underside is more uniform, with narrow, darker fasciae more clearly delineated.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment only slightly modified, though the sternite is twice as broad as the tergite, the latter having a pair of short, broad apodemes. The male genitalia are robust, the rather angled uncus opposed by a moderate scaphium. The ventral part of the tegumen on each side is tapered, incurved. The juxta is of the catocaline type, an inverted V-shape with a rounded exterior margin to the angle. The valves are broadly based, rather sinuous, with a strong costa that has a ventrally directed, digitate spur from its interior margin that converges on a similar digitate process in the centre of the valve. The aedeagus vesica is broad, simple, but reflexed; there are no cornuti.

In the female, the ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments. The ductus is short, slightly tapering, sclerotised with a colliculum. The bursa is elongate, rather parallel-sided, obtusely angled subbasally, with a small, oblique, scobinate band centrally within the distal section.

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