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Mesosciera Hampson

Type species: typica Hampson, Ghana.

The facies of the type species is also as described below for orientalis Hampson. The male antennae are ciliate. The labial palps are relatively short, extending only slightly beyond the head.

The male abdomen of
orientalis (no males of the type species were available) has the sclerites of the eighth segment with their distal margins slightly bilobed and with apodemes on the tergite, but otherwise unmodified. The genitalia have the uncus long, slender, almost straight, with a small apical spur. The valves are robustly sclerotised, complexly folded, tapering distally. The interior margins of the valves are closely associated over some distance, overlapping the juxta which is of the inverted ‘V’ type. The saccus is narrow, apically square. The aedeagus vesica is small, narrow.

The female of orientalis has the ostium set within the posterior margin of the seventh segment. The ductus is long, obtusely angled centrally. The pyriform corpus bursae is set asymmetrically on it, with the ductus seminalis arising from a slightly reflexed lobe at its base. There is delicate scobination throughout the bursa but no signum. The type species is similar but has a shorter ductus, unless the part of the ductus distal to the angle in orientalis is the narrowed basal part of the corpus bursae (which would put the origin of the ductus seminalis in a similar position in each).

There is one further African species in addition to the type species and the one below. Poole (1989) included a further African species,
picta Hampson, in the genus, but this is arranged as a synonym of Bonaberiana crassisquama Strand, together with Saroba cyanescens Hampson, in the BMNH collection.

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