Miscellaneous Genera I
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Thoracolophotos Bethune-Baker

Type species: ekeikei Bethune-Baker New Guinea.

The three included species are robust with fasciculate male antennae and rather narrow triangular grey forewings crossed by a series of rather rippled fasciae, with an oblique central boundary beyond which the ground becomes darker before gradually fading away to the apex, as described in more detail below.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment is only weakly modified, the tergite being excavate at the centre of its anterior margin between two short, broad, angular apodemes. In the genitalia the uncus is short, shaped like a bird’s head. The valves are tongue-like, tapering, slightly upcurved, with a slight corona at the apex.

In the female genitalia (
albilimitata Hampson), the ovipositor lobes are relatively short, robust, with ornamentation somewhat as in the Episparis Walker group of genera (p. 293). The eighth segment is also short, almost a complete ring, with the ostium at the anterior of the narrower ventral part. The ductus is very short. The corpus bursae is small, barely extending beyond the anterior of the unmodified seventh segment. It is elongate, pyriform, with an appendix bursae about half its size arising basally from it.

In addition to the type species and that described below, the genus also includes
T. javanicus Roepke from Java, with facies very similar to that of the Bornean species.

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