The Episparis group of genera
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Claterna Walker

Type species: exagens Walker (= cydonia Cramer), Sulawesi.

Trigonia Guenée (type species cydonia Cramer, type locality stated to be Surinam and Guyana, probably in error) praeocc.

The features described are those of the type species, the only Indo-Australian representative of the genus. There are two African species and several from Madagascar currently included in it (Poole, 1989), but, on grounds of facies alone, these would appear all to be misplaced.

The facies is described below. The male antennae are ciliate, with one longer bristle on each flagellomere. The tarsal section of each leg is paler than the rest, and the male hind-tibia is slightly crested.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment rather elongate, though the sternite is of the framed corema type. The weakly corematous zone is at the anterior end, and the anterior margin is extended by lateral rods. The tergite has splayed apodemes and these extend distally into bands of thickening that define an elongate oval. The genitalia have simple, strap-like valves that taper gently to the apex and have narrow coremata basally. The aedeagus vesica is large, convolute, scobinate, but without cornuti.

In the female genitalia, the ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments, from which the unsclerotised ductus narrows slightly into a long, slender section that broadens distally into the elongate, pyriform corpus bursae.

This is very slightly corrugated throughout and has a slight subbasal appendix that gives rise to the ductus seminalis.

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