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Lophoptera astriata Holloway comb. & stat. n.
Nigramma purpurascens astriata
Holloway, 1976: 20.

Lophoptera astriata

The forewings are somewhat deeper than in the previous species. The facies is similar except it lacks the darker brown streak posteriorly within the apical pale brown zone and possesses an apical purplish patch on the costa and a submarginal white transverse dash one third from the tornus; the distal margin of the basal purplish grey zone is set more obliquely to the costa. In the female genitalia the ostial area is less complex (Fig. 274) and consists of a sclerotised tube, somewhat cleft both dorsally and ventrally, the dorsal cleft possibly homologous with the post-ostial invagination of other Lophoptera.

Taxonomic note. The discovery of a taxon in Borneo much closer to purpurascens, described above, indicated that astriata should be raised to specific rank.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only specimen was taken at 1760m on G. Kinabalu in an area of tall, well developed upper montane forest.

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