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‘Plusia’lectula Walker
Prodenia lectula Walker, 1858, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus. 15: 1679.
Plusia lectula Walker; Holloway, 1976: 32.


Diagnosis. The dark reddish brown forewing has the bright maculations replaced by an oblique, creamy white band that extends to within 4mm of the tornus.

Taxonomic notes. The shape of the male genitalia and the characteristics of the aedeagus vesica are reminiscent of those of Thysanoplusia species. The eighth sternite is more elongate and the pair of coremata much larger than in Thysanoplusia. The bursa copulatrix is set asymmetrically on the bursa as in Thysanoplusia but has a massive lateral lobe or appendix bursae as large as the bursa itself. The species is placed in Trichoplusia in Inoue et al. (1982).

Geographical range. Indian subregion, Thailand, Borneo, Java, Queensland.

Habitat preference. The majority of specimens have been taken in open habitats, often agricultural, in the lowlands.

Biology. The species has been reared from Mentha (Labiatae) in Thailand (Pholboon, 1965).

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