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Ctenoplusia Dufay

Type species: limbirena Guenée.

This genus was placed as a subgenus of Argyrogramma by Ichinose (1973), and the account of the previous species indicates certain characters in common. Ichinose also included Trichoplusia McDunnough as a subgenus. The most satisfactory arrangement must await further studies, but the current contents of Trichoplusia appear to be a heterogeneous assemblage.

Ichinose suggested that the presence of blade-like setae on the ventral margin of the male valve in many species was not a crucial character defining the group but was a rather plastic character within the genus. The presence of such setae in only one of the albostriata/vittata species-pair (see below) would support this, but nevertheless the character appears to be the best so far discovered to define the genus. The status of the Himalayan taxon aeneofusa Swinhoe, referred to below in the account of Thysanoplusia bipartita Snellen, also needs examination as it has such setae in a rather extreme form.

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