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Anepholcia Prout & Talbot

Type species: talboti Prout & Talbot (Sumatra).

Both species in this genus have a broad valve with a ventral harpe, a character which distinguishes the genus from Trisuloides Butler and Smilepholcia Prout & Talbot where the valve is narrow and the harpe central. All three genera have rather similar forewing patterning and usually the species have dark-bordered yellow hindwings. The scaling of the forewings is coarse. The antennae of both sexes are bipectinate, the pectinations tapering away towards the apex; in Trisuloides and Smilepholcia the pectinations are reduced in the female. None of these genera have abdominal coremata; the apophyses of the basal abdominal sternite are somewhat triangular and there is only a weak, broad strengthening groove running posteriorly from them.

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