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Targalla transversa Candeze comb. n.  
Phlogophora transversa Candeze, 1927, Encycl. ent. (Ser B3), 2: 84.
Phlegetonia transversa Candeze; Holloway, 1976: 17.

Targalla transversa

The forewing pattern is similar to that of the delatrix group but the zone basal to the oblique pale medial bar is paler, rather than darker, than the distal zone; the oblique bar is continued by the oblique reniform and there is a distinctive dark brown streak running from the angle of the postmedial to the marginal angle of the forewing.

Geographical range. ‘Indochina’, Borneo, New Guinea, Bismarcks.

Habitat preference. Only four specimens are known from Borneo, one from 1200m on G. Kinabalu, two from lower montane forest (1000m) on G. Mulu and the last from much lower altitude at Santubong, south west Sarawak.

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