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Targalla albiceps Hampson comb. n
Eutelia albiceps Hampson, 1894, Fauna of British India, Moths 2: 392.
Eutelia picticolor Hampson, 1896, Fauna of British India, Moths 4: 528.
Ptisciana ioda Swinhoe, 1899, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 3: 114.
Chlumetia albiceps Hampson; manuscript combination of A.H. Hayes inadvertently published by
     Holloway (1976: 115).

Targalla albiceps

The species is similar to duplicilinea but can be distinguished as described above in the account of that species; there is a white dot just posterior to the acute post-reniform chevron.

Geographical range. Indian subregion, Taiwan, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo (a single specimen from G. Kinabalu collected by Waterstradt), Lombok.

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