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Kobestelia Gen. n.

Type species: obliquata Walker.

The antennae are typical of the subfamily. The forewing margin is angled centrally, the forewing pattern being distinguished by an oblique pale basal triangle and a rather square reniform stigma that is slightly paler than the area surrounding.

The genus is defined by characters of the male genitalia (Figs. 54, 57): a reduced triangular valve; a broadly triangular saccus; a short aedeagus, the vesica with a basal, diffuse zone of numerous short blunt spines and a broad blunt one at the base of the ductus ejaculatorius which itself contains a long sclerotised band. The abdominal eighth sternite bears a pair of coremata but is not otherwise modified.

The female genitalia lack distinct apophyses on segment 9 and have the signa of the bursa developed into prominent interior blade-like structures (Fig. 42; apex of one broken off).

The genus contains two species, both restricted to Sundaland and occurring in Borneo. The genus is named for Prof. Dr. L.W.R. Kobes in recognition of his generosity in loaning Sumatran material and making available his knowledge of the Sumatran fauna.

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