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Atacira olivacea sp. n

Atacira olivacea (holotype)

12mm. The forewing ground colour is pale greenish grey, traversed by blackish fasciae invested with darker green; the submarginal is multidentate, dark green, edged white irregularly distad; the postmedial is double, sinuous; the antemedial is slightly double and the medial single, both more or less straight, meeting the dorsum at right angles.

Holotype Rampayoh, nr. Labi, BRUNEI, 125m, 2.iii.1982 (T. W. Harman).

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra (1 from Aek Tarum, Gunung Malayu (Diehl)).

Habitat preference. The holotype was taken in lowland dipterocarp forest.

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