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Atacira smarti sp. n.

Atacira smarti (holotype)

13mm, 15mm. The forewing ground colour is pale buff, mottled irregularly with rich brown broadly over the medial area; the reniform is ringed with paler colour than the ground and connected to the costa by an oblique dark brown bar; the subapical costal triangle is dark brown and similarly edged with very pale colour; the postmedial has a small central dentation and a dark shade at the dorsum.

Holotype . SABAH: Mt. Kinabalu, W. Mesilau River [1500m] 3.ii.1964 (J. Smart) Royal Soc. Exped., BM 1964-250.

Paratype . BRUNEI: 60m, Ulu Belait, lowland forest, 21.2.80 (Lt. Col M.G. Allen).

Geographical range. Borneo; there is a series of somewhat similar specimens in the BMNH from Sulawesi and Bali.

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