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Phalga Moore Gen. rev.

Type species: sinuosa Moore.

This genus contains two species with ligneous-patterned reddish brown forewings in which the reniform is distinctly paler. The forewing margin is angled centrally. The hindwing is uniform dark brown.

The genus is best defined on characters of the male abdomen and genitalia. The uncus is small, acute, set on a narrow, rather elongate tegumen with angled ‘shoulders’. The valve is deeply divided, the dorsal portion longer than the ventral, curved, bladelike; between the two portions is a small ampullate harpe. The saccus is elongate. The eighth tergite bears two coremata with incurved pencils of fine hairs, enclosing a pair of combs of spines (Fig. 19).

In the female genitalia (Fig. 38) the apophyses of segment 8 are stout and distinct, slightly tapering. The bursa is evenly scobinate with two small basal appendices.

The second species is the Taiwanese and Japanese P. clarirena Sugi (1982) comb. n., described originally in Eutelia.

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