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Diarsia flavostigma Holloway
Diarsia flavostigma
Holloway, 1976: 7.

Diarsia flavostigma

This and the next species have very similar forewings of pinkish grey with a more orange tone over the anterior half and within the pale stigmata. The next species is larger, with a diagnostic black dot posterior to the orbicular stigma, which is less conspicuously pale.

Taxonomic notes. This is probably the sister species of dimorpha Wileman & West from Luzon, though it has the dorsally directed harpe process more slender, and the other process is much shorter.

Geographical range.
Borneo, ?Sumatra (Holloway, 1976).

Habitat preference.
The species is only known from G. Kinabalu, taken at 2110m (a few) and 2600m (many)

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